Cousins Maine Lobster Pairings

Finding your Maine Mantra 

We hope everyone is excited for the lobster rolling in on the first Friday of each month the rest of this year! Cousins not getting any better than this! Read below some of our favorite pairing with Cousins Maine Lobster dishes, and also find out how you can enter to win a Mantra Xmas giveaway!

Here at Mantra, we’re all about creating a beer that is the perfect pair for a dish. Seafood is one that is harder to pair, because food preparation is key, and “it depends” applies heavily. As it would for any dish…? Anyway, what flavors would complement the savory balance of sweet and salty of fresh lobster, with a coating of warm melted better, a zing of lemon, and yeasty goodness from a warm toasted roll? Similar flavors! When doing food pairings with beer, it is important to remember that the intensity of flavor in your beer, should be as equally intense as your dish.

I had a little fun and did some experiments! Here is what I came up with for some good pairings while you’re enjoying a delicious dish from the best lobster on wheels.


Battleground is Franklins beer, and what better way to enjoy it than at Franklin’s brewery on food truck Friday?! A Wit with orange peel and coriander, this beer is a great pair for any tasty Cousins Maine dish! Because Battleground is a Wit, you’re able to pick up a remnant that resembles biscuits to pair perfectly with your fresh, warm, toasted, and buttered down roll. The orange peel highlights citrus notes from a hint of lemon, and the coriander ads to the subtle hints of fresh tomatoes and chives sprinkled on top. Our favorite Cousins dish to enjoy Battleground with is their lobster quesadilla!

Avec Moi

We know, we know. A sour? If we’re being frank, we wouldn’t be Mantra without somehow finding a way to pair a sour beer with something as delectable as Cousins Maine lobster rolls. Though, a sour is the perfect pair for any seafood/fish dish! Avec Moi is our Sour Belgian Pale Ale with light citrus notes that are subtle and smooth enough to not overwhelm your taste buds and creates a perfectly delightful whirlwind of flavors. The bright and light citrus flavors bring out the hint of lemon juice throughout, and act as a cleanse for your pallet after every sip giving you the feeling like its the first bite each time. The subtle sweetness compliments the salty hints of drawn butter, and highlights the sweetness in fresh lobster.  Avec Moi is, in my opinion, the best pairing for any of Cousins delectable lobster dishes!


We want to know how you pair! 

We want to know what your favorite pairing is with one of our beers, and one of Cousins Maine tasty dishes! So, we’ve created an Instagram challenge for all you foodies and beer lovers. Follow these simple steps below for your chance to win a Mantra Xmas giveaway!

For the first Friday of every month that Cousins is in at our taproom:

  • Grab a brew of ours that you think is the perfect pairing with one of their dishes
  • Take a photo that shows off your perfect pairing
  • Use #cousinsmainemantra in the description
  • Tag us and Cousins Maine Lobster

Some rules and regulations:

  • You may enter more than once for your chance to win.
  • You must use a different pairing for each posting you do.
  • The Mantra logo must be visible in your posting. (i.e. Glassware, package, Logo inside or outside, etc.) along with something of Cousins Maine Lobster like food shots, logo, truck itself, etc.
  • Challenge is only applicable to Instagram
  • You must use the hashtag #cousinsmainemantra in order to be entered for the chance to win

By the end of 2018, we will pick a favorite of ours through the combination of photo quality and pairing, and the winner will receive a Mantra Christmas giveaway! Not following us? Lets change that!

Find Mantra on Instagram: @mantraartisan

Find Cousins Maine Lobster on Instagram: @cousinsmainelobster